Monday, April 20, 2009

The Drawing of the Three (The Dark Tower, Book 2) by Stephen King

10 years after his meeting with the man in black, Roland continues his journey to the tower. In this book, Roland encounters three doors in the middle of a stark, lobster-infested beach. Each door leads to a different person living in our world's New York. However, each individual is living within a different time period. Roland is quick to learn that each individual holds a vital piece of the puzzle in his quest to reach the tower. However, putting them together proves difficult for our gunslinger. An interesting chapter in The Dark Tower series indeed. I gobbled up the beginning and end, but felt King focused on the second "door" character a bit too much. Hopefully she will have a large role to play later on, and the details I have learned about her will come in handy. I must say I simply can't help myself. There is something about that rugged gunslinger Roland...he could make a girl weak in the knees. Despite the lengthy middle, I rather enjoyed this volume in the series and am looking forward to traveling on with Roland and his crew to the ever ominous dark tower.

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