Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Heat Stroke (Weather Warden Series #2) by Rachel Caine

Joanne has been reborn into a djinn. Apparently the transformation of human into djinn isn't easy or common. Jo discovers that she has a lot to learn. Quick. She has been given a week to learn how to survive on her own before her lifeline to survival is cut. Meanwhile, there is a rift in the atmosphere, which is leaking out a fine mist, known as coldlight, which is deadly to all djinn. Said leak is also creating lethal storms, which the Wardens are finding difficult, if not impossible, to contain. Joanne must master her djinn skills quickly in order to help fight the coldlight before her fate, as well as that of her fellow djinn, comes to a rapid end.

Readers are in for quite a journey in this second installment of Caine's Weather Warden series. In the first book, Ill wind, there was a direct path, one main goal for the main character to obtain, with a few minor pieces that fit into the main storyline intricately. In Heat Stroke, there is a lot more going on. It's almost too much. There are various obstacles for Joanne to overcome, some of which at the same time, almost always effecting another person or djinn. I found it a bit overwhelming and struggled to stay on track at times. However, the ending of this book made up for the chaos ensued. I rather enjoyed meeting Jonathan, the main deity of the djinn. I hope for more appearances of him throughout the series.

Cover Art Commentary:
While not my favorite cover in the series, it does depict a major scene in the story.

Overall Rating:

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