Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Blog Design!

I just got a brand new blog makeover courtesy of Rachel from Parajunkee's Veiw. Didn't she do a fantastic job?! I absolutely LOVE it! :D Please let me know what you think! Rachel was wonderful to work with. She took my thoughts and ideas into consideration and bundled them together into this awesome design. I don't know how she does it, but she sure does a great job! She was very easy going and the overall experience was as wonderful. If you are ever in need of style and creativity, give her a try. You will be thrilled with the results! :)


  1. I love it! She did a really great job. Did she create the graphics, too? It's all very lovely and I adore the butterflies! :)

  2. OMG! Lily this is *so* cool! I absolutely love the background for sidebar header. So cute and the header is fabulous! =)

  3. I love your blog look! The colors go together very well and I like your butterfly rating system. Parajunkee does get design! She just recently did my blog and I love it :D

  4. and by "Parajunkee does *get* design" I mean *great*

  5. @Erika
    Yup, she did the whole thing! I really like the butterflies too! :)

    She did an excellent job. :) I really love the header too!

    Thanks love! :)

    @Book Vixen
    She did an excellent job on your blog! I'll follow you, btw! :)

    She did a fantastic job on your blog! She is so great to work with! I will definitely to her for any other designs needs! :)

  6. Looks great! I like the color scheme especially, the colors look really great together. :D

    What Book is That?

  7. @Parajunkee
    I really, really love it! Thanks again! :)

    Thank you! :) Rachel worked really hard to find the right combo of color! :)

  8. I love it! The colors are so nice together and your header is amazing!

  9. Gorgeous! I love the colors ParaJunkee mixed together here and like the Header - a lot.

  10. I love the new look! Very impressed with the design :o)

  11. @Steph
    Thank you! She really did an awesome job on the header! I am so pleased! I am glad you like it!!!

    She did an amazing job, didn't she?! I am totally in love with the new design! :P

    Thanks love! I was especially looking forward to your thoughts on the new look!

    Thanks! I know, Rachel did an awesome job! I don't know how she does it! She was so great to work with as well! :)

    Thanks love! I really like it too! I would highly recommend Rachel for any design job you have in mind! :)

  12. I love your new design! I'm out visiting the blogs that Parajunkee has done designs for cause I'm thinking about having her do my new make over.

  13. @Book Junkie
    Thanks! I searched high and low, and Rachel really is the best. You'll love working with her! I highly recommend her! :)

  14. I love your makeover! Rachel does great work. She made over my blog and I absolutely love it! It makes me want to be a better blogger. Sounds weird I know.

  15. Love the design!!!

    sooo pretty!!

    Rach is awesome aye :)