Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kiss of Death by Rachel Caine

Book Summery:
Vampire musician Michael Glass has attracted the attention of a big- time producer who wants to cut a demo and play some gigs-which means Michael will have to enter the human world. For this, he's been assigned escorts that include both a dangerous immortal as well as Micheal's all-too-human friends. And with that mix of personalities, this is going to be a road trip from hell...
Book Review:
Now, any of you that have followed my blog for the past year or so know how much I LOVE Rachel Caine. She is easily one of my top favorite authors. However, with that in mind, I would have to say that Kiss of Death seemed to be a last ditch, she needed to write something for her publisher and/or fans, and just slapped something together. It might have been better had she taken more time between books. She has several coming out this year. It didn't seem to fit the storyline that Caine has set up in the rest of the series. Further more, it didn't flow as smoothly as her other books. The relationships between the characters just seemed off, save for Clare and Shane's relationship. Perhaps I'll understand the method to her madness in the upcoming books. Another thing that bothered me was that Caine was trying too hard to identify with "YA readers." She used a lot of slang and emotions, that just seemed overkill and detracted from the overall story. I don't know if she is getting pressure to do this from her editor or what, but I haven't seen this since the beginning of the series. It also could be that I had high expectations going into this one...perhaps a little too high? Either way, I will still continue to read the series, and look forward to the release of Ghost Town in October. Morganville fans will (hopefully) enjoy this book, despite it's downfalls.

Favorite Quote:
"You are

"Hey, you were the one who had to have ice cream. Look what kind of trouble we got ourselves into. At least this way we're safe in a room with a door that locks. And the sign says they have HBO."

"Which stands for Horrible Bloody Ohmygood," Eve said. "Which is the way they kill you. When you think you're safe." (p. 90)

Cover Art Commentary:
I really love this one. The contrast of black, gray, and pink is just lovely. It took me a while to figure out who is on the cover, but it really is fitting. Curious? Read the book! :P

Overall Rating:


  1. Great review!

    Side note: I really want pink hair therefore I love this cover.

  2. Nice review! I'm sorry if this book was a bit of a letdown for you though!

  3. @YA Vamps
    I am such big fan of Caine and this series. I really did enjoy it, just not as much as the rest of the series. :P