Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Liar Society by Lisa and Laura Roecker

Book Summery (via goodreads):
Kate Lowry didn’t think dead best friends could send e-mails. But when she gets an e-mail from Grace, who died mysteriously a year before, she’s not so sure. When the emails continue, Kate is forced to confront her school’s resident druggie, a sketchy administrator, and even her own demons.

As Kate moves closer and closer to the truth, she teams up with a couple of knights-in-(not so)shining armor–the dangerously attractive, bad boy, Liam and her love-struck neighbor, Seth. The three uncover an ancient secret lurking in the halls of their elite private school with the power to destroy them all.

But the truth doesn’t always set you free. Sometimes it’s only the beginning.

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Book Review:
Wow. I was totally blown away by this book! It definitely caught me by surprise. Very much like the review I read over at The Story Siren, I was expecting a light, fluffy read, which I do enjoy every now and again. However, it was quickly made apparent to me that this book was anything but light and fluffy. The Liar Society is jam-packed with tragedy, mystery, and action. The story revolves around main character, Kate. She is having a hard time dealing with the death of her closest friend, Grace. When she suddenly gets an email from her dead friend, things start get interesting. As Kate suspected all along, there is more to her friend's "accidental" death, and she is willing to do everything it takes to uncover the truth. This book reminded me of the movie Brick, and I keep finding parallels between the two story lines. I loved the description of the campus, which was a character in itself, really. It was the perfect backdrop to the storyline. The characters are what really made this book exceptional. I especially loved the interactions between Seth and Kate. Their friendship really impacted the story, as well as provided some comedic relief. The story-building was remarkable. The Roecker sister's did a fabulous job of building suspense and mystery, all while developing the characters at the same time. Really superb. Overall, I was I thought the story's concept was original and intriguing. I easily became fully engrossed in the story, and had a difficult time setting the book down. I'm dying to know what happens next, though I haven't seen any information on the next book. You can check out the Roecker's website here.

Favorite Quote:
"We were casually leaning against Liam's Jeep when he walked to his car looking more confused than ever.
'Um...hi?' He looked from me to Seth and back.
Seth nodded his head, and I said a quick prayer that he'd let me do the talking. No. Such. Luck.
'Oh, hey, there, Liam. Kate was just showing my your sweet set of wheels here.' Seth banged on the side of the car. 'What type of gas mileage does this beauty get?'
Oh, my God. He sounded like a geriatric car enthusiast. (p 229-230)

Cover Art Commentary:
Well, this cover definitely has spunk. I'll give it that. I loooove the pink hear and the plaid theme! The pearls are a nice touch too! :)

Overall Rating:


  1. O wow. It sounds good. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

  2. It does seem like a nice surprise to know it's not so light.

  3. I agree, this had a lot going on and delivered a terrific story!

  4. Great review!
    I thought this book was going to be fun and fluffy as well! I still really want to read it though!

  5. I always thought this was a stand alone read and didn't know that ther's going to be a bk 2. Nice to hear that there's more depth to the story than a fluffy read.

  6. Scrumptious! Everyone seems to be liking it. I'm glad to hear its super mysterious and action-packed!