Thursday, October 13, 2011

Away by Teri Hall

Book Summer (Via Goodreads): After crossing the Line, Rachel finds herself in a world where survival is never guaranteed - a world where bizarre creatures roam the woods and people have strange abilities. Everything has gone to ruin Away and the survivors have banded into warring clans. Rachel finds her father being held prisoner by a tribe of Others, and she and her new friends set out to rescue him. But when they cross back over the Line, Rachel and Pathik make a foolish decision, bringing them into further danger that can only be resolved with an unthinkable sacrifice

Book Review:
Ever since I turned the last page of The Line, I have been anxiously awaiting the follow-up, Away. Away takes you on a journey to the other side of "the line." Rachel discovers a life stripped of convenient comforts. One where the people "left behind" try to pick up the pieces of society left forgotten, and make a new life for themselves. Rachel discovers that there's more to life than her accustomed comforts, as she embarks on the next stage of her life. Out in the wilderness left forgotten, people have formed societies of their own, some barbaric, and others more civilized. It reminded me of a milder version of Lord of the Flies. While the story takes an interesting and necessary turn, I found myself not quite as engaged as I had been in The Line. In this new frontier, Rachel is constantly questioning herself as well as her new found cohorts. I enjoyed embarking on this journey with her. The pace was smooth and steady, and the plot held my interest. The overall story did seem somewhat familiar. However, I am curious as to where things will go from here, as the final notes ended on a cliffhanger.

Favorite Quote:
“Even the weak and the foolish feel love. They just don't know how to make that matter to someone other than themselves.” 

Cover Art Commentary:
I love the contrast of color compared to the first book in the series, The Line. The shattered glass and barren land gives a very distinct distopian feel.



  1. I still need to read Away but like you I remember that after reading The Line I couldn't wait to find out what was on the other side.

  2. I have a lot of books that are on my tbrlist and this one sounds really good. I might try this series! :) Great review.

  3. Great review. I keep hearing this series is good.

  4. Great Review!!! I haven't heard of this series or the author, but it sounds intriguing. Thanks for sharing!