Friday, October 24, 2008

Shadows in the Asylum: The Case Files of Dr. Charles Marsh

Dr. Marsh is new at the Kriegmoor Psychiatric Institute. Following a recent trial in Texas, Marsh escapes to the remote quiet of northern Wisconsin to once again pursue his career. Following a regular group of patients, Marsh becomes particularly fascinated with Kari Hansen, otherwise known as patient # HA-09. Kari, 20 years old, was forced to drop out of college and became a patient at Kriegmoor when she became obsessed with shadow-like-creatures that were coming for her, threatening to emotionally torment and physically hurt her. Kari becomes a top priority for Marsh, especially after unexplained cuts, bruises, and markings appear on Kari's skin. Marsh begins to delve deeper into Kari's history, attempting to find any explanation and perhaps some resolve to the issues at hand. However, what Marsh discovers has startling effects on not only Kari, but his other patients as well as himself.

Addicting. This book reads like a case file, rather than a novel. The pages are composed of articles, patient records, historical documents, and scribbled-writings of Dr. Marsh himself. Here is the link to amazon, where you can look at some examples. Right from the very beginning I was hooked. If you are one for horror/suspense/psychological thrillers, this is a book that is not to be missed! is the website for the book, if you are interested.

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