Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Firestorm by Rachel Caine

Rogue Weather Warden Joanne Baldwin is racing to New York to warn her former colleagues of the impending apocalypse. An ancient agreement between the Djinn and the Wardens has been broken, and the furious Djinn, slaves to the Wardens for millennia, have broken free of mortal control. With more than half the Wardens unaccounted for in the wake of Djinn uprising, Joanne realizes that the natural disasters they've combated for so long were merely symptoms of restless Mother Nature fidgeting in her sleep. Now she's waking up--and she is

I chose to use the synopsis from Goodreads because I simply cannot begin to describe this book in mere words. It is amazing. There is so much that happens, and it's all quite valuable to the overall storyline of the series. Caine's writing is better than ever in this fifth installment of the Weather Warden series. I am 100% hooked and itching to start the next book in the series. If you haven't read this series, I highly encourage you to do so...soon.

Cover Art Commentary:
I love the cover to this book. In the weather warden world, the wardens can control earth, fire, or weather (i.e. air and water). Obviously, this book deals greatly with fire. This is the first cover in the series that hasn't depicted a major scene in the book, but the element of fire is a prominent theme. Therefore, is rightly justified as the cover for this volume.

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  1. Awesome review! great to see you loving this series!

  2. I want to read this series and looking at your reviews, the books look like terrific reads. Thanks! I'm moving this series up on my tbr list.

  3. That is a great review. You can tell by the way you wright that you just love the books. I am beginning to feel a little love myself towards them. Maybe I should try them one day.

  4. @Juju Thanks love! :)

    I really am! I am totally hooked to the series now!

    Thanks love! They really are great books. The first three were a bit slower for me, but they represented Caine's earlier writing. Once you get to book 4, they are faced-paced and hard to set down! :)

    I really do enjoy them! I do hope you give them a try! :)

  5. Can't go wrong with Rachel Caine. The woman is so consistent with good writing. And I'm loving the cover too!

  6. @Alyssa
    I agree. She is definitely one of my top favorite authors! :)

  7. Hi Lily,
    I hope you don't mind but I've added a link to this post in my review :o)