Thursday, May 28, 2009

Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill

Jude Coyne is an aging rock star obsessed with death and the supernatural. When his business manager shows Jude an offer online to buy a haunted suit, Jude can't help but pay the thousand bucks to own a real, true ghost. However, this ghost comes with a higher price than Jude bargained for. Not only is Jude fighting the undead, he is fighting his past as well. Soon, Jude and his main squeeze, Georgia, are on the ultimate road trip in a futile attempt to find resolution and peace from their undead guest. Before too long, their road trip turns into a desperate battle of life and death.

A good ghost story is hard to come by, and Joe Hill, son of Stephen King, does not disappoint in this debut novel. My only regret is that Hill has not published any other novels. Hill does have a collection of short stories available titled 20th Century Ghosts, which I have not read. I would love to read more novels from Hill. He definitely has a talent that few can match.

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