Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Host by Stephanie Meyer

The human race has been invaded by parasitic "souls" who claim to live a more peaceful and civilized way of life. Melanie, a human resistor, has her worst nightmare come true when she is caught and embedded with a soul known as Wanderer. Wanderer, unable to shake off Melanie's consciousness, seeks out Melanie's family and loved ones. She soon becomes a sole alien living among human survivors, integrating herself into their daily lives. However, there is a price to pay when one body shares two souls and the ultimate decision must be made.

I had originally bought The Host last year when I read The Twilight Saga. However, it has sat on my self unread because I wanted to allow my mind enough time to fully separate the two stories in my mind. They are indeed, quite different. Meyer brings a complex, rich voice to this "sci-fi story for people who don't like science fiction." I found the characters in this book easy to identify with, both human and alien alike. Meyer also raises several moral and ethical questions that leaves one thinking long after they have set the book down. Overall, I highly enjoyed The Host, and would recommend it to all readers, even those who didn't enjoy The Twilight Saga.

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