Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Impossible by Nancy Werlin

Lucy Scarborough is seventeen when she discovers a curse has been placed on her and every woman in the Scarborough family line. They are destined to have become pregnant, then promptly go mad after birth all at the age of eighteen. The curse was set forth by an elvish knight, scorned by rejection, he has set three impossible tasks in the lyrics of "Scarborough Fair." Should a Scarborough woman complete all three tasks, she will break the curse on her as wall as future generations. Lucy has nine months to piece together the answer and save herself and her unborn daughter from the void of insanity.

Loved, LOVED this book. I greedily read it in two sittings. There are many components in this book which the author weaves together seamlessly. After setting the book down, my mind still reels with questions and contemplations. Perhaps I shall read it again down the road at a slower pace, to better absorb everything.

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