Monday, March 1, 2010

The Puzzle Ring by Kate Forsynth

Hannah lives an ordinary life with her mom in Australia, long after her father has gone missing and is presumed dead. One day, Hannah receives a letter from her estranged Grandmother, stating that she is ill and wishes for Hannah to visit her in Scotland. After much debate, Hannah and her mother decide to go, but are not quite prepared for what is in store. Once in Scotland, Hannah discovers that her Grandmother lives in a mansion, next to a burned down castle. Further more, Hannah uncovers the truth about her father's disappearance and learns that it is connected to a curse that has been placed on her family many centuries ago. Determined to break the curse, Hannah and her group of friends travel back in search of the four pieces of the puzzle ring. For Hannah believes that once the puzzle ring is put back together, the curse will finally be broken. However, once Hannah and her friends go back in time, they soon discover that returning will not be as easily as they had originally planned, and they are running out of time. Can Hannah successfully find all the pieces of the puzzle ring and return before it's too late?
Kate Forsyth reading an excerpt from The Puzzle Ring:


I received this book as part of Kate Forsyth's international book tour, and am extremely glad I did. Kate has created a wonderful tale of magic, mystery, and allure. I was completely captured by the world Kate created both in the modern day, and back in history. I can tell a lot of research and preparation went into this book...and it shows. Hannah lies at the heart of this story. Her character development was most interesting to read. The journey she partakes in starts with a whiny, self-absorbed girl and ends with a caring, mature young lady. What I love most about this book is Kate's ability to take the reader back in time. Time travel is rather tricky, but Kate pulls it off beautifully. It made me appreciate the little things I take for granted such as hot running water! :P The blend of characters is amazing and w
onderfully woven into this historical fairy tale. Adults and children alike can enjoy this majestic story of love, friendship, loyalty, and self-discovery. Immediately after reading this, I purchased my own copy of The Puzzle Ring as well as a copy of The Gypsy Crown. You can read more about Kate Forsyth here.

Cover Art Commentary:
I absolutely love the cover of this book. Very whimsical and colorful. Take a look at an interview done over at Bookalicious Ramblings for some more insight regarding the cover!

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