Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Lost Saint by Bree Despain

Book Summery:
Grace Divine made the ultimate sacrifice to cure Daniel Kalbi. She gave her soul to the wolf to save him and lost her beloved mother. When Grace receives a haunting phone call from Jude, she knows what she must do. She must become a Hound of Heaven. Desperate to find Jude, Grace befriends Talbot - a newcomer to town who promises her that he can help her be a hero. But as the two grow closer, the wolf grows in Grace, and her relationship with Daniel begins to crumble. Unaware of the dark path she is walking, Grace becomes prideful in her new abilities - not realizing that an old enemy has returned and deadly trap is about to be sprung.

Book Review:
Author Bree Despain steps it up a notch in her Dark Divine sequel The Lost Saint. The roles have changed. Now Grace is the one struggling with her now found powers, and Daniel tries to keep her grounded, reminding her not to give into the overwhelming urges of the wolf. At first, I didn't think I would like this role reversal. However, I was surprised to find that it gave the characters more versatility and complexity. I really enjoyed learning more about werewolf lore and history. What really makes this novel are the characters. I found Grace to be more independent and self-reliant. While she didn't always make the best choices, she followed through on her actions and relied more on herself and her own instincts. I felt like this was a big step up from the first novel. I found Daniel just a little disappointing, mostly due to his absence throughout the story. Gabriel is a most interesting addition. I find him knowledgeable and mysterious. I do hope we find out more about him further along in the series. Talbot is another intriguing character. I'm getting the sense that there is more to his story, and I am eager to find out! I did miss the focus on art in this one; but honestly, there was so much going on that I didn't feel like it detracted from the story.

Overall, I found The Lost Saint to be darker as a whole. There is plenty of mystery, secrets, and action to go around. There is definitely more emphasis on werewolves this time around, which ties in nicely. Fans of YA paranormal romance will be sure to fall in love with action-packed sequel. I am can not to read the next installment of the series!!!

Favorite Quote:
"I was almost through the door when Gabriel called after me. 'Remember Grace. If you let anger into your heart, it will push out your ability to love.' " (p. 263)

Cover Art Commentary:
I really love the colors. The light blue really pops against the black background. I think I might actually like this cover more than the first book, The Dark Divine. :)

Overall Rating:


  1. Awesome review! I've yet to read book 2, but I loved book 1 :)

  2. Yay glad you loved it. I really enjoyed Book 1 so I'm pretty excited to get my hands on this one!

  3. I enjoyed it as well. I think the ending made the book though

  4. Great review! I can't wait to read this book! I really liked The Dark Divine, and this book sounds even better!