Thursday, March 19, 2015

Life of A Blogger: Nature

This week's topic on Life of a Blogger is nature.
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Ok, so let's be honest. I'm not much of a nature person. Growing up, I lived in the country for a while and nature meant CHORES. Particularly taking care of the chickens. I now hate chickens. Ahem. 

Moving on, when I met John we was really into gardening. And, well...he kinda got me into it too! Last summer neither one of us had a yard, so we did a lot of planting in pots. Here are some of our plants:

Here is our little fairy garden. We had so much fun making it! Unfortunately, the cold got to the moss before I took it in for the winter and it died. Tragic, no?

This was our mini herb garden. In the middle was lemon basil which made the most delicious pesto! However, it had a mind of its own and we had to re-pot it several times because it kept growing at a ridiculous rate!

This is a little pot of mini pansies. I'm saying mini a lot, aren't I? These little beauties got out of control and had to be re-potted several times. What is with our plants growing like crazy?!

Finally, this was referred to as the "sassy plant." It grew like a weed! This was the final pot it ended up in. The annoying thing about this plant, is that the petals would constantly fall off, so I had to sweep around it a lot.

So there is my story of nature. Leave me some of yours in the comments below! :)

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