Thursday, October 15, 2015

Beyond the Books: 5 things I just can’t handle

This Weeks Topic: 5 things I just can’t handle
Hosted by Kissin' Blue Karen

1. I am a nurse. I can just about handle any bodily function, but what I simply can not tolerate is puke. In any form. I see a patient puking, I am not far behind.
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2. Gross smells. I must have a bad gag reflex, or something, but I cannot tolerate any smell I deem as gross. For instance, if I make fish or chicken and place the wrapper in the garbage, it NEEDS to go out the next or bad things will ensue.

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3. Rude, ignorant people that have no regard for others. That person who cuts you off on the highway, or talks through the entire movie, or is on their cell phone during the entire movie, or spits in your face as they talk endlessly about something you could care less about. 
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4. People who write reviews on ANYTHING...books, movies, tv shows, but don't include the obligatory SPOILER ALERT before, you know, spoiling the plot and/or ending!
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5. Paying for absolutely gross food. I'm a bit of a foodie and am willing to try all different types of food. However, there is nothing worse in my book than paying good money for gross food. I have walked out at restaurants on more than one occasion. 
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What are some things in life that you just can't handle?


  1. rude people for sure are the worst. Rude Arrogant yup can't stand them. Puke is gross but for some reason snot and spit get me worse. maybe I have to deal with them more often than puke. I have a super sensitive nose so I understand bad smells.

    I can't handle people who think their opinion is fact. that drives me nuts.

    People who get in the right lane at the last minute and hold up traffic.

    book blurbs that give too much away ...

    those are mine.

    1. Great list! I agree! Book blurbs that give away too much are annoying!!!

  2. I agree with many of these. I paid 5.00 for an organic pumpkin spice cappacino yesterday and the first drink made me spew all over the place.