Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Gunslinger (The Dark Tower, Book 1) by Stephen King

Last year, I read The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King and absolutely loved it. When I posted my review, it was recommended that I try his Dark Tower series. Therefore I took my first step into King's sci-fi western series with The Gunslinger. Set in a universe parallel to our own, Roland, the gunslinger, seeks answers and meaning from the man in black. Roland endlessly purses said man through desert, mountains, thirst, and hunger; his quest for the man in black serving as his primary source of fuel. Roland continues his journey throughout the entire book, meeting a variety of characters along the way. The thing is that you, as well as Roland, can never be to certain as to weather the character is real, or a trap planted by the man in black. A little light is shed on Roland's background through stories and flashbacks. A fine start to the series indeed.

You can definitely tell that King was a bit younger when he wrote this story. It's a bit rougher around the edges and he leaves several things unexplained, though I anticipate that I will understand more as I read through the series. I guess I would say that it felt like skimming the surface of a large body of water or touching the tip of an iceberg. Despite the lack of details, I hungrily read through this book in little time at all. I look forward to reading more of the series and seeking out answers of my own, just like Roland in his journey.

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