Thursday, August 27, 2009

Valiant by Holly Black

Feeling betrayed by those closest to her, seventeen year old Val flees to the streets of New York City. There she finds a band of homeless teens who share a secret of a supernatural world of of faeries, trolls, as well as other mythical creatures. Her new-found friendship and discovery not only changes Val's perspective on life, but her future as well.

I originally skipped over this second installment of Black's "Modern Faerie Tales" intending to polish off Kaye and Roiben's story. I am not sorry I did so, as this book is notably different than the other two in the series. I was, however, pleased and surprised to cross path's with characters from the other books as well as certain events. A very interesting read and a refreshing escape from reality.

On a side note, this "YA" novel is much more mature than her other 2 books in the series. Thinking about my reaction to the first book, now makes me giggle as the first book was much less graphic. (See previous review here.) I guess it goes to show what I know about the "YA" genre.

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