Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Carpe Corpus by Rachel Caine

*Warning! Summery may contain mild spoilers! Be aware!*

Picking up from Lord of Misrule, Rachel Caine's Carpe Corpus starts off with one foot running. Claire has declared herself to Bishop, and Amelie and her loyal vamps are nowhere to be found. The members of the Glass House have been scattered apart. Eve is alone in the house, Clare is back with her parents, Michael has been sworn to Bishop's side, and Shane is locked away as Bishop's prisoner. Bishop is getting restless and Clare and her friends need to reconcile and find a way to defeat Bishop before they (and their love ones) find themselves dead...or undead.

Best book in the series yet! The plot is packed full of twists and turns. The end isn't quite the cliff-hanger the previous books have closed with, but I am quite curious as to what happens next!!! I highly recommend the entire series for anyone looking for adventure, supernatural entities, friendship, loyalty and a bit o' romance! ;)

Cover art commentary:
Love the cover art on this one. The dark blue and soft yellow juxtapose nicely. The darkness of the cover foreshadows the dark depths that lie ahead. Lovely, lovely, lovey. I am a bit confused by the bracelet the character, which I assume is Clare, is wearing. In the books, she has a delicate gold bracelet from Amelie and dark tattoo from Bishop. Either way, it doesn't detract from the cover or the story in the least bit.

Overall rating:


  1. I'm not reading, because of spoilers (and I think I've finally been talked into this series as well...).

    However, it comes to my mind: you must be nearly caught up with this series now, right? How many books are currently out?

  2. This is currently the last book in the series available. The next one comes out in November. I can not wait!!!

    Sorry about the spoilers. It's hard to write a review for a series without giving some info away.

    Right now I am reading The Hunger Games, which is fantastic! :D