Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Nora Grey is your atypical sixteen year-old. She is more obsessed with grades than boys. Her world is turned upside down when her biology teacher decides to make a new seating chart, placing her next to Patch. Patch is unlike the other boys at Nora's school. Literally. He is tall, dark, mysterious, and completely flirtatious with Nora. He is also in possession of a paramount secret, one that directly affects Nora. Despite her suspicions of Patch's secret Nora finds herself completely infatuated with Patch, which is new territory and completely terrifying to Nora. In the midst of everything, there is someone stalking Nora and Patch has become the prime suspect. Nora must decide once and for all, if she can trust Patch or if she should run in the opposite direction.

I have read several reviews on this book. They seem to be either stellar or disappointing. I absolutely LOVED this book. I read it in one day. Currently,I am reading Her Fearful Symmetry, so I had not intended to read this book just yet. However, after various online reviews, I decided I had to pick up the book (and place it in my to-be-read pile) and see what all the fuss is about. I bought Hush, Hush along with 2 other books at my local independent bookstore. Having forgotten Her Fearful Symmetry at home, I brought Hush, Hush in with me to Paneras and started reading it, while eating lunch. I was about 20 pages into it when I had finished eating and I realized that I couldn't set it down. Time just flies by when you read this book. I bought the hardcover, and I am not sorry I did. This one will definitely go on the to-be-re-read pile! I highly recommend it!

If you have already read Hush, Hush and enjoyed it, you may want to pick up Once Dead, Twice Shy by Kim Harrison. :)

Cover Art Commentary:
How beautiful is this cover?! It was one of the first aspects that attracted me to this book in the first place. The cover is almost like a story in itself; one that offers some background on the current story at hand.

Overall Rating:

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  1. I think the wide disparity between reactions on this book is interesting. Regardless, the cover is beautiful.

  2. Excellent! I have found a similar disparity in feelings about the book Shiver, by Maggie Stiefvater. Most people LOVE it, but a few people found it too slow.

    Anyway, thanks for the review! I've been wanting to read this book, and am expecting a free copy from Amazon Vine. I can't wait!

  3. TJ,

    I know! There are various reviews that quite different from one another. I honestly don't know if this would be something that you would like or not. If you do pick it up, I will definitely be interested in your thoughts! Several people have compared it to Twilight. Unfortunately, I think that is the case with any YA novels involving romance and the paranormal. :(

  4. Heather,

    I have noticed that about Shiver as well! I am definitely curious as to what I'll think about it, when I pick it up.

    I really enjoyed Hush, Hush! I hope you do too! :)

  5. Thank you for the link! There are bound to be similarities between this and Twilight because, although this book was written before Twilight was published, there are very similar themes and scenes in both.

    I liked it anyway. :)

  6. Erika,

    Anytime! I love reading your reviews! I really enjoy the various reactions to this book. It just seems to be one that people either love or hate.

    Ok, confession time. I enjoyed Twilight. I just read it as a fun, light paranormal fictional book. I really think some of the people who bash it, just -really- enjoy bashing it. So I got a little defensive when people started comparing it to Hush, Hush. I really don't think there is much to read into, if you just take it for what it is. A fictional story. Anyways, I do see how they can be compared...I just get a little jumpy. :P

    Ok, that's my two cents in a really long comment. :P I am glad to know someone else who enjoyed it as much as I did! Thanks for your comment Erika! I look forward to reading your next review! :D