Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Feast of Fools by Rachel Caine

*Warning! Contains spoilers!!!*

Things pick up right where they ended in Midnight Alley. Clare's parents have moved into Morganville, Texas, in an attempt to "protect" her from her mature roommates. Little do they know, they are in more for than they bargained for... That's not all. Amelie's father, Mr. Bishop, is in town as well. Unlike Clare's protective parents, Mr. Bishop isn't interested in looking after Amelie. Instead, he has a taste for revenge, allegiance, and blood. Things really heat up when Amelie holds a formal ball in her father's honor, where every vampire is required to attend with a human in tow to present to Mr. Bishop at his pleasure. In an attempt to save her friends and family, Clare finds herself directly in the middle of the crossfire...

Best book of the series so far. I love that Caine is able to completely change the elements of each story without messing with the main characters or their love lives too much. For example, in the Sookie series, I found myself getting listless with Sookie's constant stream of ever-changing suitors. It's nice to get invested in the characters and continue to root for them. I also love that Caine's main character Clare, is intelligent, independent, and conscientious. Each of the characters are flawed, which makes them more tangible and believable in my book. A wonderful series. Needless to say, I am incredibly sad that I am running out of books in the series to read.

Cover art commentary:
The cover art is drastically improving book by book. I love the hall behind the character, whom I guessing is Michael. Definitely some foreshadowing on the cover! :)

Overall rating:

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