Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

Clare and Henry met for the first time in a meadow outside of Clare's house in South Haven, Michigan. Clare is 6, Henry is 36. Clare and Henry also met for the first time in Chicago, Illinois. Clare is 20, Henry is 28. That is the beauty and adversity that comes with time travel. Ultimately, Clare and Henry get married and live in Lincoln Park, Illinois. Clare is an artist and Henry, a librarian. Throughout their relationship, they share passion and love. Together, they face affliction and overcome obstacles. However, the one element they are unable to defeat is time itself.

I was on the fence as to whether or not to read this. I have heard stellar reviews, as well as several disheartening reviews. I honestly can say that I would have sorely missed out had I not picked up this book. It was intricate, intelligent, moving, and wonderfully told. Definitely one of my favorites of the year. I highly recommend it.

Cover art commentary:
This is in fact the cover to the audiobook, which is the format I used. It's quite similar to the hard and paperback covers. I really think it's beautiful, classic, and foreshadows parts of the story. I would have no problem picking up this book based on it's cover. :)

Overall rating:


  1. I really wish I hadn't watched the movie before reading this book. My motivation to read it was just utterly killed by the mediocre (if very pretty) movie. :(

    But, perhaps I'll overcome that since your recommendation is so high...

  2. Yeah, I had to force myself not to see the movie. I'll prolly wait until it comes out on DVD now. I would wait a while before reading it, giving the movie a chance to fade a bit in your mind.

  3. I think it needs to. The movie was something I really looked forward to, too! Instead I got a vaguely creepy, quite bland film. :(

  4. Oh Lily. I just found you following me, and I'm so glad you did.

    I love your page. I love your little apple picture. I LOVE your taste in music (Bliss, Knights of Cydonia by Muse, and O Valencia by the decemberists are 3 of my fave songs ever)

    OH and I love the TTW - I hope the movie lives up to immense expectation!

    - Aimee

  5. Aimee

    I found you from a comment placed at calico_reaction's LJ. I have been on LJ for several years, but made blogs at blogger in case LJ closes down (it seemed likely earlier in the year). Anyway, I found that blogger has an excellent book community and have decided to keep my reading journal here. :D I also have a personal blogger here, if you want to check it out:

    Anyways...I looked through your blog and added you because a) I thought it was beautiful and b) I thought we had a lot in common. Sounds like more than I originally thought! I am so happy you share my love of music! It's rare to find people with same taste in bands and such! :)

    I look forward to sharing reviews on books and music with you and getting to know you better! :D

    Also, I saw that you had posted the cover of Prophecies of the Sisters on your blog. Have you read it yet? If not, you should! I would love to know what you think!