Monday, September 28, 2009

Midnight Alley by Rachel Caine

*Warning! Summery may contain mild spoilers!!!*

Things heat up in this third installment of The Morganville Vampire Series. Clare has pledged herself to the most ancient of vampires in trade for protection for her and her roommates. Clare is in for more than she bargained for. People are turning up dead at her house and Shane is the prime suspect. Amelie has Clare secretly taking private lessons from one of the most antiquated and lethal vampires alive (more or less). Not to mention a dangerous blast from the past who is now intent on stalking Clare.

The pages flew by as I read Midnight Alley. It is a nonstop journey from beginning to end, packed full with plot twists. Things -really- heat up at the end. I absolutely can not wait to read the next installment, Feast of Fools.

Cover art commentary:
The covers seem to improve as the series goes on! I love the red, the picture I posted does not do the cover justice. Again, I am not sure who exactly is on the cover, but my guess would be Clare. This is much more how I envisioned her. I would be more apt to pick up this book based solely on the cover, than the first two in the series.

Overall rating:


  1. I need to read this series.

    ...right after I catch up on the Weather Warden series. D:

  2. You may like it better than the Southern Vampire Mysteries. :)

    I bought the first few books in the Weather Warden Series! Can NOT wait to read them! :D

  3. Ha, perhaps I'll do that first then.

    I had a friend from work recommend Weather Warden so I snapped up the first 3 or 4 while I still had my book discount. But I have yet to pick any up. 8D;;;;