Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fade Out by Rachel Caine

Things have started to return to normal, well as normal as they can be in Morganville, Texas. Clare is focusing on school, Shane is finally employed, Micheal is working on his musical career, and Eve just got a leading role in the town play. A slight snag develops when Eve becomes close friends with one of her cast-mates, Kim. Kim does not play well with others, which creates friction for the other members in the Glass house. Kim also has bigger sights set than the local theater company. She is working on her own side project, one that will expose Morganville in all it's vampire glory. When Kim goes missing, Micheal, Eve, Shane, and Clare must decide if they should save Kim or hand her over to the Vampires.

At first, I thought Caine would have a difficult time recovering from the ongoing Bishop-Amelie battle. Caine did a nice job recovering and moving the story along. The only thing that detracted from the story, ever so slightly was a mildly ridiculous attempt to incorporate teenage slang. I kept this distraction in check by reminding myself that this book was indeed written and targeted for a YA audience. It was more prominent at the beginning, but eventually tapered off. Overall, the pages flew by and I found myself wanting more once the book ended. I also like that Caine fleshes out the story of Myrnin and Ada a bit more. It's nice to see Myrnin not a bit more sane than previous books. I have truly enjoyed the Morganville Vampire Series and will continue to read it as long as Caine writes more books for it. As I am at the end of the series (for now), I anticipate that I will be starting Caine's Weather Warden series in the near future! ;)

Cover Art Commentary:
I like this cover, though not as much as previous covers. I believe the character on the front is Eve. I do love the necklace she is wearing!

Overall Rating:

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