Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ill Wind (Weather Warden Series #1) by Rachel Caine

Joanne is unique person with an unique ability to control the weather. Such unique people are often known as Wardens. There are weather wardens like Joanne who control air and water. There are fire wardens who control fire and earth wardens who controls all earth-related matter.

What makes Joanne special is that her ability is about ten-fold compared to your average warden, which makes her coveted, yet feared. The warden council has made sure to keep an extra close eye on her to ensure her gift does not go unchecked. However, Joanne has run into an unfortunate mishap that singles her out as a murderer and liability. Now the council is hot on her trail and an unseen enemy is throwing deadly storms her way. Joanne must use of all her power to outrun the wardens that seek to lobotomize her and find another outlaw warden who is the strongest warden known, and her only hope to survival.

I absolutely adore Caine's writing. I have read (and loved) the Morganville Vampire series, so I highly anticipated the Weather Warden series. I was not disappointed. Caine's writing style is quite similar, however her adult writing is more complex than that of her YA, and rightfully so. It took me a few pages to discern the complex world Caine created, but once I was up to speed, I didn't slow down. I love the Djinn characters especially. I devoured this book eagerly and can not wait to dive into the rest of the series!

Cover Art Commentary:
I am just smitten with this cover! It highlights Joanne and her prized mustang. There is some foreshadowing with the open road and lightening ahead...Just talking about it makes me want to read it again! ;)

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  1. I've never read Rachel Caine *hands head in shame* I do have Ill Winds and the first in her vamp series...will someday get them.

  2. @Mandi
    That's okay! Until this year, I hadn't read any of her stuff either. I'll admit, it's addicting! Once you get started, it's hard to stop! :)

  3. Yes another series I need to read...and lives within my TBR... D:

  4. Such a super cool power. Definitely one I'd love to have.

    Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  5. You're right about the cover too. Bad a**! I love vintage cars.

  6. @TJ
    I have yet to be disappointed in Caine's writing. I think you might like this series better than her Morganville series. Looking forward to your review of Under the Dome today! :)

  7. @Juju
    Such an awesome power, right?! The cover is great. If you like vintage cars, you would definitely get along with the main character Joanne. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! :D