Thursday, March 14, 2013

Film Feature: Game of Thrones

Recently I finished the second season of A Game of Thrones (the HBO series). It was sooooo good!

I really enjoyed the first season, but the second season was even better! I finally had to go back and re-watch the first season! Then, I finally, finally picked up the first book in the series. I'm not sure what exactly had been keeping me from it all these years, but there certainly are reasons...perhaps the daunting size, vast number of characters, difficult-to-pronounce names...just to name a few.
However, I can say in all certainty that had I not watched the show, I would have definitely not picked up the books. For that, I am grateful to HBO for producing the series. If you haven't watched it yet, you really should! There is something for everyone to love! This series gets addicting fast! While there are a vast number of characters you grow to really enjoy them whether they are good or evil. You care about them. You root them on (though sometimes in favor of death)!
I am a BIG Stark fan! I would love to see some retribution and gain for their family. I crave to learn more about them. Why do they pray to the old gods? What was life like before Ned's father and brother died? I do favor Robb and Jon of household Stark. I also have a soft spot for Sansa and Aryia. Poor Sansa! What will become of her next?! She certainly has been smart, which is why (I believe) she has remained alive.

Another character I am very fond of is Daenerys Targaryen. I was in utter shock when her brother sold her to the Dothraki's! However, she thrived in her marriage as well as amongst her (new) people. She stands out as a leader in an age where women are considered just a notch above livestock. I truly hope that eventually she will be able to take back the throne. She would be a wise and fair leader. Also, I'm REALLY excited to see what happens with the dragons!

Another favorite storyline of mine is the great wall of the North. The wildings! White Walkers! I NEED TO KNOW MORE!!! Hence, the reading. I just feel as if the show has barely scratched the surface of the wall's history and that of the wild north. Perhaps the first 2 books have not gone into any depth? I'm not sure. Either way, I need to learn more about this.

I'm also curious about the Mad King and his days of rule. How did he come to power? How did they plan to overthrow him? What caused him to go mad?! I hope that the books have some answers for me!

Anyways dear readers, what are your thoughts on A Game of Thrones? Have you read the books? Watched the series? Are you satisfied with just one or the other? What would you like to learn more of?


  1. Wow- you make this awesome. I tried to watch it when it first came out and saw a midget guy getting fun time and thought the show might be just naked people, I lost interest fast......but I may have to read these books now!!