Thursday, February 19, 2015

Life of a Blogger: Organization

So this week's topic on Life of a Blogger is Organization.
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So I'm not quite sure if this is overall organization or just for books. For my purposes, I'm just doing books. While I'd love to show you all my bookshelves, I'm currently away from home, so hopefully the visual aids below will offer some insight.

First of all, let me say it's hard to keep books organized! Especially series in which a book only comes out 1-1.5 yrs. I really need to go through and re-organize. Badly. Needless to say, I wish my books looked like this:

It's beautiful, book-y, and organized. Hopefully someday when we get our house, I'll have a whole room to do this in. Sadly, that day is not today. Instead, my bookshelves are more akin to this:

I attempt to keep authors and series together, but um...a lot of times, I just pile books back on the shelf NOT in the order I found them. At the very least, it keeps my books in fair shape, but I have been known to on occasion repurchase a book I already own because I simply didn't know that I already had it in my possession. It's sad, I know. 

I'm also known for doing this:

Yes, I am one to keep piles of books around. My most current place is on my dresser. I try to keep a small-ish pile of books that are on my TBR pile. However, recently, I've been reading from my ereader. May I just mention it is SOOO MUCH easier to keep your books organized on an ereader? I absolutely love it! I have a nook simple touch and it keeps me very organized, plus it helps keeps things light when I'm reading a 400+ page book!

Ok, dear reader. Now it's time to hear from you. What keeps you organized in the world of books?


  1. My bookshelves are a mess too, and I have often bought duplicates without realizing it... I justify that by usually having only paid 50 cents for the books used!