Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Book Related Problems I Have

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Book Related Problems I Have

Sorry! I couldn't help myself! As soon as I read this week's topic, the song just popped into my head! :) Ok...on to the real list!

  1. Discussing books with non-book-y types. This is usually how the conversation goes. It's pretty awkward with a lot of pauses. Person:"So, you like to read? " Person looks down at my book.  Me:"Yes, do you?" Person: "Not really. What kind of books do you read?" Me:"All kinds." Person:"Oh, well have you read that one book about the one famous person? I heard that was supposed to be good." Me:"I'm not sure how to respond to that..."
  2. So many books, so little time! If I had time to read everyday, I still wouldn't get to all of the books I want to read. Priorities can be confusing some times.
  3. Giving non-book-y people recommendations. Yes, I read a lot but that doesn't mean that I have any idea as to what you might like. I don't know which author's you might be akin to. Why don't you look at this magazine? It has a lot of pictures in it...
  4. Being disappointed when everyone and their mother is fan-sqeeing about a book. When I don't connect with those books I feel out of the loop somehow. 
  5. Unable to get my hot little hands on super awesome ARCs. I absolutely love it when I get a ARC of a book I've been dying to read. Unfortunately, it happens less often then I would like.
  6. Slooooow paced books. I want to get wrapped up and scurried away into a novel not drudge my way through a story line.
  7. When I find an author that I absolutely love and no one agrees with me. There are some super awesome authors out there that need more recognition. How can I get the word out?
  8. Room. I'm running out of room for my physical books. This is a real serious problem. I can't get rid of them...my precious...
  9. Dumb characters that weigh-down an otherwise fantastic book. Especially when each chapter is in a different character's voice. When you get to that one character, it's like you don't know how you'll be able to get through the chapter!
  10. Knowing which book to read next can be a real conundrum sometimes, especially if you're totally in love with the book you just finished. 

Ok, those are my real life book problems. I would love to read about some of yours!


  1. Haha that catchy song;)
    There are so many points on this list that made me go, "Me too!":) I get number 1- I always think of books as a good conversation starter so if the person I'm talking to tells me they don't read or don't like one of my favourite series there's always this looooong awkward silence;)
    And number 2 too! There are so many books I want to read but its hard to find time for all of them:(
    Number 5 is why Waiting on Wednesdays came about:P - to feel not so alone in craving a book that is not out yet;)
    I'm dealing with number 10 now...:)
    Great list!
    Maya @ anotheronceuponatime.blogspot.com

    1. Hahaha! It's so funny how many problems we have in common! Good luck on picking out your next book! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. I do find it really difficult to talk about books with non-bookish folks. Either they're casual readers who do NOT read the same types of books as me or they're non-readers... which I just don't understand. How can you not read books? There's a woman I work with who loves to read, so she's always asking me if I've read {insert any popular NYT Bestsellers top ten title here} and I'm like "No... I read romances. And YA lit. Oprah's Book Club-esque books aren't for me. But you enjoy that!"

    My TTT>!

    1. Oh. My. Goodness. Do NOT get me started on Oprha's book club! HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE I SAY!!! Yeah...those non-readers...they are tricky to interact with. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. Deciding which book to read next is difficult as I have so many books waiting to be read and I'm always wanting to add more books to my already massive TBR list.

    1. I have the same issue! Too many books, so little time! :)

  4. Haha yes, number 2 and 8 are so true for me too!