Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Film Feature: Guardians of the Galaxy

Ok, so I am late to the game with this one. John had been begging to see Guardians of the Galaxy for a while. We had scoffed, scoffed I tell you!, when it originally was released simply because we had never heard of the comic before. What silly, silly children we were. The film had all the essential elements of a good movie...excellent world building (literally)...intriguing, flawed characters (I mean really, who wants to watch or read something about someone who is perfect? I got bored even saying that)....good guy/bad guy...subtle romance...comedy...drama...seriously, I could go on. Could, but I won't. I mean, you've stuck with me thus far, no need to go on about it. John has started to read the original series and as far as I can tell, he likes it. What is your input on this flick? Do you think it lived up to its summer blockbuster glamour?  

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