Monday, January 26, 2015

The Eye of Zoltar (Chronicles of Kazam #3) by Jasper Fforde

Book Summery (Via Goodreads): Orphaned sixteen-year-old Jennifer Strange runs Kazam, a Mystical Arts Management company that rents out wizards for cash. The Mighty Shandar tells Jennifer that if she finds a mysterious jewel named The Eye of Zoltar, he will spare the dragons he didn't manage to kill in Book One.
It is said the Eye was last seen around the neck of the really very legendary and not at all likely Sky Captain Morgan, who reputedly plunders jetliners from the back of the equally legendary and probably not real Leviathan, a kind of flying manta ray the size of a coach.
Meanwhile, the King and Queen of Snodd thinks that Jennifer, 'a young lady of considerable daring, moral worth and resourcefulness' should take over the tutelage of the hideous spoiled teenage Princess Shazzine, in order that she learns to rule with distinction once the King and Queen are gone.
Jennifer agrees with some reluctance, and together, she, trainee magician Perkins and the princess - cunningly and without any originality disguised as a handmaiden - cross into the neighbouring Cambrian Empire, a dangerous country strewn with peril and a focus for bored daredevils seeking perilous adventures as a form of Jeopardy Tourism.
After procuring a tour guide aged ten named Addie, they venture deep into the heart of the most dangerous place in the most dangerous place in the whole Ununited Kingdoms: The Empty Quarter, within which lies their goal: The legendary Leviathan's Graveyard, inconveniently perched at the very top of the mountain known as Cadir Idris, its lofty summit permanently shrouded in cloud.
Many people have visited the mountain, but none have returned. Perhaps the legend of Sky Pirate Morgan and the Leviathans are true - or perhaps the clouds that obscure the summit hide a far deeper secret. Pretty soon the Princess, Addie, Jennifer and Perkins are fighting the powers of darkness not just for their lives, but for everything they know and love...

Book Review:
Oh how I love this series! Here is my review of the first book. Fforde combines magic and comedy in this lighthearted story. Jennifer makes for a great main character with her bravery, sarcasm, and quick thinking. However, the supporting characters and just as important and vibrant as ever. I loved the addition of the princess and tour guide. They're such fun, quirky characters! Fforde leaves nothing out...castles, pirates, dragons, and adventure galore! I highly recommend this series if you're looking for a fun venture.

Cover Art Commentary:
This is not the cover that I currently own. Mine can be found here. I find that the cover shown above goes along with my other books in the series. It's colorful and whimsical, just like the story.


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